Your Bentong Ginger Powder might not be real!

Ginger is one of the greatest herbs or ingredients used for thousands of years for its healing and medicinal properties.

However, according to LS Khoo, a ginger grower with more than 45-year in Bentong Ginger farming said, "most of the Bentong ginger powders sold in market today aren't exactly made with 100% real Bentong ginger."

High price, limited supply and stock inconsistency have made the production of ginger powder with 100% Bentong ginger a difficult task. As an alternative, many suppliers mix it with ginger from Thailand, China or inferior Bentong ginger to lower the production cost. Quality, healing and medicinal properties is deteriorated as a result of that. Furthermore, the product may harm your health.

Bentong E Ginger Enterprise (BEG) is a well established online fresh Bentong ginger supplier. Our commitment to quality and freshness has won us many loyal customers throughout the country and Singapore.

Today, we proudly present to you our new product, Bentong Ginger Powder from BEG. Unlike others, we have our own ginger farms. This allows us to have consistent supply of the genuine and pure Bentong ginger powder. We select only the finest and highest quality gingers as our source.

So don’t waste your money and health since many of the Bentong ginger powder in grocery and online store are not real or pure and are harmful to your health.

生姜粉已有几千年的历史了。因为它的愈合和药用功效, 所以成为最大的药材或食材之一。然而,今天在大多数杂货店和网上销售的文冬姜粉末不完全是来自文冬的真正生姜制成。


自2008年以来, Bentong E Ginger Enterprise (BEG)被公认是一间行之有效的网上新鲜文冬姜供应商。我们对质量和新鲜度的承诺赢得了许多来自全国各地以及新加坡的忠实客户。

今天,我们很荣幸地向我们敬爱的客户们介绍我们全新的产品,100%纯文冬姜粉。比起其他的制造商, 我们拥有自己的姜园。这给予我们一个稳定的平台来供应最纯真的文冬姜粉。在整个严密制做过程中,我们只选择最优等和最优质的生姜作为我们的原料。最后,经过我们的家传秘方把姜粉完成。

因为许多在杂货和网上商店所谓的文冬姜粉末不是纯正的,且有害健康, 所以不要浪费你的金钱及健康。

Benefits of Bentong Ginger Powder

  1. Combats Stomach Discomfort
  2. Cold and Flu Prevention
  3. Maintains Normal Blood Circulation
  4. Remedies for the Nausea associated Motion Sickness
  5. Improves Absorbtion and Stimulation of essential Nutrients in the body
  6. Strengthens the Immune System
  7. Fights common Respiratory Problems
  8. Combats Morning Sickness
  9. Reduces Pain and Inflammation
  10. Colon Cancer Prevention

Usage of Bentong Ginger Powder

1. Ginger Tea

- Add a teaspoon (around 3g) into a cup of warm water.

- Add in Honey as desired.

- Stir well and ready to serve.

2. Cooking

- Can be added into vegetables or soup boiling.

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