Helpful Tips During Confinement

  1. During your confinement, as Chinese believe you're not allowed to take a bath until the 12 days. However, for hygiene purpose, you could just have a quick rinse of your body as you need to handle your newborn babies.
  2. Breastfeeding is a must as breast milk is the best food for baby. Breastfeeding promotes a very special, loving relationship between mother and baby, which is important for baby’s psychological development.
  3. It is normal for a baby to want to breastfeed long and often in the early days. Another common pattern in the first day or two is frequent breastfeeding for 10 minutes only and the baby tends to falls asleep. A newborn baby tends to be wakeful during the night and sleepiest during the day. Giving a baby lots of time at the breast in a few days, allowed him to learned to breastfeed effectively.
  4. Try to relax when baby is sleeping or you may also try to sleep at least 2hrs to have a better supply.
  5. Eat more intake of rice wine chicken with Bentong Ginger, fish, spinach, apples & papaya soup that will increase your milk supply.
  6. A babies cries do not necessarily means he is hungry. Weather breastfed or formula fed during their first months, many babies have a regular fussy period which usually occurs in the late afternoon or evening. This is also sometimes due to colic. Baby massage replica watches swiss really helps them to feel more comfortable and make them sleep better.
  7. Mothers should not take cold foods during confinement. Vegetable like “KangKong”, cabbage, cucumbers and even fruits like honeydew, watermelon and oranges should be avoided. Some fish also should not be taken like catfish, stingray and seafood. Try also to avoid coffee during your confinement.
  8. During your confinement, make sure that you practicing sitting while drinking as olden days peoples believes, you won't be able to control your urine when you are old.